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About us ...

State joint stock holding company "Topaz" specializes in design and development and serial production of sophisticated radio electronic systems and complexes of special purpose, as well various radio technical products of wide application.

The company takes a leading position in the country in terms of design, development and serial production of special application equipment for the following purposes:

  • Long-range radio electronic intelligence;
  • Electronic Warfare equipment intended for suppression of ground-based tactical communication facilities.


For the time being the company produces in series the passive sensor "Kolchuga" and the complex built on the basis of it. The "Kolchuga" complex performs the following functions: long-range radio electronic intelligence, AD early warning and air-borne targets tracking.

EW equipment is represented by a full scale production complex "Mandat-B1E" providing for suppression of modern communications including those with FH (frequency hopping) technique.


Our new designs and innovations incorporate cutting edge technologies with the use of microwave equipment, digital data procession, laser equipment and microelectronics.

Mr. Yuri Ryabkin has been in charge of the business since 1982.

The State Joint Stock Holding Company "Topaz" has a wide range of opportunities in development and serial production of complex radio electronic systems.